In this Article we will know about the MIDI works and its benefits. MIDI (known as Musical Instrument Digital Interface) refers digital interface, protocol and connectors. It allows musical and other devices to connect with each other so that the devices can communicate properly. The MIDI protocol was developed in 1980’s and it is also a standard which is used by the musical industry for controlling devices like sound cards and synthesizers. It does not produce sound itself but it works on the series of messages such as note off, note on and pitchbend. Midi devices use these series of messages to make sound.

A MIDI instrument contains hardware devices such as synthesizer and electronic keyboard. It can also be a part or tool of music software (digital performer and ableton.) MIDI carries and transfers the data of specify pitch, notation and other velocity. It also controls the signals for different parameters like audio, vibrato, cues and panning. These signals synchronize the tempo between the multiple musical instruments and devices. It also helps to record the data into a hardware device as well as software device. These devices are called “sequencer.” The recorded data can be utilized later for editing or playing it again. If you create any sound on one synthesizer then these devices will make you able to play and manipulate the sound on another synthesizer. If your computer has MIDI interface then you can easily record sound produced by the synthesizer and manipulate it for making a new sound. For example a single keystroke can change the key of composition. As I know that the MIDI standard is supported by many synthesizers so it is not difficult to use or manage these instruments. The carrying capability of a single MIDI link is about sixteen channels and every channel can be routed to a separated devices. the web is a good source of the tools fro the things which you like including the games and other fun giving activities.

There are many advantages of these tools. With the help of these tools any individual can store a full song in a few hundred MIDI messages, but if have to record the entire song in audio data then it would take more time than it. There is another compact that we can easily manipulate or modify the note by changing the duration, pitch and parameters. Don’t forget that MIDI doesn’t make sound itself, as it only describes and specify the notes to play. These notes can be transferred to other instrument to modify the overall composition sound.