Music and its use in our life

Music is more like an art rather than a mere sound that we hear. There are so many elements including the pitch, rhythm and texture that produce any music. They give a good melodious sound by adding so many factors to dumb lyrics. And with this sparkling effect, we enjoy music of our taste and benefit a lot. This post is going to focus so much good things that music gives us. Considering its so many positive factors, it can also be used as a music therapy to improve the health of an individual by working in the physical, mental, spiritual and even emotional part.

When we talk why music is so important and what it provides us, we came to know very important and strange issues. When child play music, it provides the brain with wide thinking and helps in improving the learning skills. Also the other fields apart from academics say like sports can also be improved by providing more concentration to the mind. It also provides them an easier way to express themselves by giving emotional support. A sense of relaxation is also achieved by doing things you enjoy. When we notice technically, the music engages both the left and right parts of the brain and improves connections between the brain cells. Moreover, the capacity to consider sounds and speech both separately is also an advantage which we get, apart from sharp memory and the nourished learning skills through critical thinking and emotional maturity. With these benefits, music education is now becoming a crucial part of the school education, to improve the overall development of the child, in all parts including academics plus physical, mental and emotional growth altogether.

Similarly, if the adults are noticed for how they treat music, we came to realize that music is like a language for them to express their feelings and hidden emotions, which they use more easily than the words. And for sure, music works better than written words to communicate exactly what we have in the heart. Music lightens our heart, relaxes the mind from the long hectic schedule and regains the spark in our body, and moreover surprisingly changes our mind to distract us from the disturbed environment outside. Generally music is something that is a lovable thing for people of every age, and also in most fields, like in the spiritual mode, we sing for the almighty god, advertisement today is using music for some innovative change. So music is an important tool to sustain in our life with more confidence and ability to be happy in every situation.