Online slots, an option to entertain you and earn money

Who does not like to play online? Come on! If you are from this generation, that is known as millennials, then there is a great possibility that you like online games, do not say no, if more than 90% are born with a digital game in hand, and If you do not know, Microgaming is one of the largest providers of iGaming and one of the oldest in the market. Yes, it is very likely that one of your favorite games has come to you thanks to Microgaming.

Microgaming is a provider of online gaming software, it does it worldwide and was the creator of the first real online casino software, for 1994 the company, together with its engineers, celebrated that great achievement, for the first time it was on the market a product like that, best of all, has been the fruit that has given, today there are countless online gaming software, which has allowed the company to grow and offer you better products every day, such as online slots Have you played with them? If you have not done it, what are you waiting for?

Microgaming has an incredible selection of slots that will leave you open-mouthed, what you look for, they have it, whether it’s game volume, quality of 3D graphics, progressive Jackpots, and if what you like is classic and retro, then, they also have it.

Now, if you think that’s all, you’re wrong, the slots give you the possibility to generate profits and there are many, you would have to write many articles or a complete book to describe everything, here we will only talk about the two games that you can generate more profits, incredible not?, you have fun and you can generate profits, of course with a bit of luck, or is it that casinos do not deal with?

Jurassic Park

Only the name should make you think in the highly recognized Hollywood Steven Spielberg “Jurassic Park” saga at the beginning of the 90s and is renewed generation after generation, did you go to the cinema and you could see the last movie of the saga? If you have not, go and do it, because this game is one of the most impressive of Microgaming, you will not be surprised to see many of the protagonists of the film and live the emotion of crossing with many dinosaurs during the adventure, this is what makes the game is attractive, surrounds the player until making him feel part of him, also thanks to the visual effects and displacement of parallax, the quality of the characters and the dinosaurs.

But this is not all, if you have come this far it is because you want to know how profitable it is to play it, because there is good news for you, there are 243 (two hundred and forty-three) ways to win, this is characteristic of Microgaming, they are payment lines fixed, it is a large amount, the good thing is that it increases your chances of winning, and although you cannot change the number of lines, you can determine the amount of bet for each spin, you will have a limit set both in maximum and minimum. That’s why it’s one of the most profitable, so, with a little luck, you can earn a lot.

Now, playing with so many pay lines, can be counterproductive, sometimes they do not give you a profit, do not worry about it, however, to get a prize you must know that one of the payment lines must be placed on the screen, Microgaming provides you with an automatic playback feature that allows you to rotate the drums, which is very good if you want to continue playing.

The game also provides you with free spins and bonus rounds that will allow you to earn good profits. Basically, the free spins are always 12 and are activated by the appearance of at least 3 Scatters.

The RTP plays in your favor, has a percentage of favorable payment to 96.67% and thanks to the characteristics of Jurassic Park and its functions, you can obtain frequent gains and obtain high-quality prizes.

The goal of this game is to align the most winning combos, you must be aware of the T-Rex alert mode since it is activated randomly during the games, this allows you to see 35 additional jokers stacked on the reels for 6 turns, without doubt, a great possibility. This will help you a lot, as well as being able to give you good payouts, this will activate the free bonus round when you get three in any position on the reels.

The bonus round TyrannosaurusRex, when you activate this bonus you get 12 free spins, the same T-Rex can appear and become 5 reels. After you play 25 times of free spins, you have the option to choose between 5 rounds of different bonuses and each one has its own characteristics.

Do not stop playing it, it’s worth investing a little time in the adventure of this slot.

Immortal romance

Another of the most popular games of Microgaming, although it has already been on the market for a few years, is based on one of the themes that most captures the audience in this era, love, and vampires. Who does not like vampire love stories? It is a game with all the characteristics of a movie, its graphics, characters, and actions, make you feel in a movie and not playing in a slot machine.

As the game Jurassic Park, Immortal Romance has a pay line of 243 pay lines and 5 reels, however, from the beginning already marks a difference with respect to the others, has a jackpot of 60,000 coins, although it is not a progressive jackpot, is a very important jackpot, if we add the quality of the graphics, the history and the strategies of the game, you will have an impressive game that will be worth playing.

Before starting to play, you must know the game buttons, if you want to get positive results, read carefully, there are 4 buttons, the Spin button, maximum bid, Maxbet and coins or bets (button coins), with them you will be able to generate your winnings, another of the options that the game gives you is to be able to choose the value of the coin, you can find it represented in “-” and “+” symbols. You must be very aware of the symbols.

These symbols are of great importance throughout the game, starting with the Immortal Romance symbol, replacing all the symbols except the Scatter and, when you are in the round Wild DesireFeature doubles what you have won when it appears, in addition, it has value from 200 if 2 come out and if 5 comes out you can get up to 3,000.

Now, the second symbol with great importance is the Scatter, with a value of 60 if 2 comes out and can reach 12,000 if they come out 5. If you have this symbol you can enter the Chamber of Spin Bonus round, there are many more symbols that can help you generate any profits.

It is an awesome game, the most entertaining, some scenes and the history of each character, make you feel that you are in the movies. Give it a chance and generate money while you entertain yourself. That you are very lucky